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Keeping it classy with dpiddy


Keeping it classy with dpiddy


Fangirl Challenge || 1/5 Opening Credits: The Vision of Escaflowne (1996)
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So now that reports have surfaced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to direct and star in an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series, I couldn’t help but picture these actors and actresses as the ideal representation of who would portray the Endless for me.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as DESTINY

The oldest of the Endless, Destiny appears as a blind man dressed in grey or brown robes, carrying a large book, the Cosmic Log. The book is chained to him, or he is chained to the book, and within the book is written the entire sum of existence, past, present and future. Destiny seems the most possessed by his function and responsibilities of any of the Endless. He rarely demonstrates much personality. His sigil is his book.

Jennifer Lawrence as DEATH

Death appears as a spunky, attractive, level-headed young Goth woman. She wears a silver ankh (representing the afterlife) and has a marking similar to an Eye of Horus around her right eye. She prefers to dress and act casually, and is on better terms with Dream than any of the other Endless. Her sigil is the ankh.

Tom Hiddleston as DREAM

Dream’s usual appearance is as a tall, pale man with wild dark blue-black hair. He dresses in a shapeless cloak of ‘night’ with ‘flames dancing in its folds’. His eyes are pools of shadows with glimmers of light within. He is known by many names, most commonly ‘Morpheus’. He has a long history of insensitivity towards others, and throughout The Sandman, he must come to deal with his past cruelties. He is very concerned with fulfilling his responsibilities. His sigil is his dream-helm, made from the spine and skull of a long-dead god.

Michael Fassbender as DESTRUCTION

Destruction is a very large, robust man with red hair, who sometimes appears bearded and sometimes shaven. He abandoned his responsibilities as one of the Endless three hundred years ago, causing much conflict between him and his siblings. Since abandoning his realm, the other Endless usually refer to him as ‘the Prodigal” or ‘Brother’ rather than ‘Destruction’. He has a passion for creative and constructive endeavors, but little talent. His sigil is a sword.

Tilda Swinton as DESIRE

Desire is beautiful, slim, and truly androgynous, capable of appearing as a man, a woman, neither, or possibly both. Desire has a cruel streak and a long-standing rivalry with Dream. Although Desire is Despair’s twin, in a sense he/she is older than Despair. The current incarnation of Desire is the original one, while Despair is currently in her second incarnation. His/her sigil is a silver-tinted glass heart shape.

Rebel Wilson as DESPAIR

Despair originally had the same physical attributes as her twin, Desire, but in her current incarnation, she appears as a short, obese woman with greyish skin and irregularly-shaped teeth. She is always naked. Despair has a cold, quietly intelligent manner. She has a habit of carving her flesh with a hooked ring that she wears. This hooked ring is also her sigil.

Elle Fanning as DELIRIUM

The youngest of the Endless, Delirium appears as a young girl whose form changes the most frequently of any of the Endless, based on the random fluctuations of her temperament. She has wild multicolored hair and eccentric, mismatched clothes. Her only permanent physical characteristic is that one of her eyes is emerald green (usually the right side) and the other pale blue with silver flecks (usually the left side), but even those sometimes switch between left and right. She was once known as ‘Delight’, but some traumatic event caused her to change into her current role. Her sigil is an abstract, shapeless blob of colors.

I would say it would be a cumberbatch (sp?) vs hiddleston for dream. both would be amazing, but I think Cumerbatch has a few more points on looking more like dream. AND I actually never though of Jennifer Lawrence as Death, but I can kinda see it.

Yes oh yes oh yes though I prefer Tom as Dream but yes oh yes oh yes. Also Elle Fanning would terrific as Delirium.


Behind the scenes of Star Wars Part 5


Alien art found on a Russian forum


Alien art found on a Russian forum

Endless list of favorite movie scenes  The Fall [1/5]

The Mystic spies danger in your palm

You’ve taken too many pills

Death is near


Let them all underestimate me. Let them think they have the upper hand on the little girl. Let them relax while the adrenaline leaks out of their systems. Let them believe they’re closing their grips on a shrinking violet. And when their guard is down and their pride is rising…let me kick their butts up around their ears.”

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Late Night with Kitty Martini!


.. and that’s how they keep recruitment so high! Tara Spadaro is the perfect Imperial Pin-up.

Photographer: Richard Greenwood
Costume By: Oscar S. Cisneros

My kinda girl!

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Disney princess in haute couture

100% fuck yes.


Atonement, 2007